Only 4 more days to make a decision on OmniFocus

I’ve been trialling the OmniFocus beta for a few weeks. If I buy it just now it will cost $40. However, the price goes up to $80 on Tuesday when it comes out of beta. I’m definitely not willing to pay $80 for a GTD app but $40 is reasonable. So I’ve only got 4 more days to decide if I’m going to buy OmniFocus or not.

There are a lot of other GTD apps out there just now and more in development. I want to be sure I’m putting my money into the right app for me. I’ve downloaded and tried loads of others (Midnight Inbox, iGTD, EasyTask Manager, Actiontastic, Ready-Set-Do! and Bento) as well as Backpack and Remember the Milk. More on these in future posts. At the moment OmniFocus is probably the best. But it’s not perfect.

Here’s what I like about OmniFocus:

  • It doesn’t look cheap. It has nice icons and looks like a proper Mac application.
  • It’s reasonably intuitive. After watching the screencast I didn’t have any difficulty adding projects and tasks.
  • I can send emails to it to add tasks if I’m not at my home computer.
  • It allows you to stick pretty closely to GTD principles (if you want to).
  • I’ve not used any Omni software before but from what I’ve seen they are responsive to users’ requests and quick to fix bugs. I’ve emailed feedback to them twice and received replies.

Okay, here’s what I’m not so keen on:

  • It’s complicated to use. There are so many different filters and an enormous number of ways to show your lists. Now, I realise this should be a positive – it’s very versatile – but I just find it confusing.
  • I just don’t get on with “perspectives”. Generally people seem to love them but I find them complicated. There have been some improvements with recent builds though.
  • It’s not that pretty. Possibly verging on boring?

OmniFocus is better than all the other methods I’ve tried. But what about what is yet to come? Things looks really good. (It uses tags which I really like.) I’ve signed up to try the beta but I’ve not had an invite yet. iGTD2 shows potential and I’ve tried the alpha but it looks like it’s got a long way to go until it’s ready. And Midnight Inbox 2 will be coming as a beta soon too.

Writing this post has been really useful. It has enabled me to come to a decision. I will buy OmniFocus. It works better for me than anything else available at the moment. Sure, something better may come along in the future, but that’s how technology is. And none of the upcoming apps are looking to be ready in the near future. Excellent – decision made!


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