Thank goodness I didn’t buy OmniFocus yet

In my previous post I briefly described all the GTD apps I have tried and why OmniFocus, although not perfect, was the best choice for my right now. I had decided the next time an update appeared (which I thought was likely to happen yesterday) I would pay up. Then yesterday, as I was looking over my RSS feeds, Daring Fireball mentions the Things beta is available. So I scoot over to the website and download it. And oh my goodness is it good.

Firstly, it looks lovely. Very professional and not too cluttered. Secondly, it’s easy to use. I watched the screencast to get myself familiar with everything and then jumped right in. I added all my tasks and projects that I have in OmniFocus with very little difficulty. There is no context entry as such but you can add them using tags.What’s missing? There are still features the developers say they are working on. I really need recurring tasks. And a “waiting for list, improved search, dock icon badging and being able to email to-dos to myself would all be very welcome.

Things will cost $49 when released in the Spring. If you subscribe to their newsletter by 31st January you will be offered it for $39. OmniFocus is also $40 but goes up to $80 o on Tuesday. So I now have 2 days to make a decision. Over the weekend I will run both. Although I think I have pretty much made up my mind. I’m pretty sure Things will win.

I’m just glad I hadn’t already bought OmniFocus.


5 Responses to “Thank goodness I didn’t buy OmniFocus yet”

  1. MC Says:

    I was in the same boat as you and went with Omnifocus for a couple reasons. Most importantly, it just felt best for me. Also I’ve used many Omni Apps before and they do great work and fully support everything. Lastly, Merlin Mann from has been heavily involved in the development so I know that I am getting a quality product.

  2. frank katzer | internetagentur ( fulda / petersberg) Says:

    jumping from one app to another isn’t the best solution. make a decision for one app – keep it – … and get your things done.

  3. Rachel Murphy Says:

    @frank: It sounds so easy to stick to one app and yet I find it very difficult. It’s too easy to think that you’d be so much more productive if you tweaked your system a little more. I’m really quite envious of those who have a system that works well for them and have been settled with it for some time. I’ve not yet reached that point unfortunately although my current system of using Autofocus with The Hit List is going well.

  4. tunesmith Says:

    @Rachel Murphy: what’s your system using autofocus with the hit list?

  5. Rachel Murphy Says:

    @tunesmith: It’s about time I wrote a blog post on The Hit Lit and Autofocus. I’ll try and get one out this week.

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