EasyTask Manager – a short review

EasyTask Manager from Orionbelt.com is a GTD app for Mac or Windows. (I’ve only used the Mac version.) It has a nice clean interface that’s pretty intuitive to use. It’s easy to dive straight in and start adding tasks without needing to read the help files. (Which actually, I didn’t find all that helpful.)

Tasks are added by clicking the “Add Task” icon. A window opens and you are able to put in all the details. Tasks can be given a status, such as “Next Action” or “On Hold” which I like. New projects are added at the same time as tasks. They are not added separately. I found this a little confusing at first. Especially as when you create a new project it isn’t automatically selected. I found myself inadvertently adding tasks to the default project “EasyTask” on a few occasions. Start and due dates can be typed in or added with the mini calendar. You can’t type phrases such as “in 2 weeks” or “next fri” which is a shame. There is also a “link” button but I haven’t been able to work out what it does. If you click it it says “please select some text” but I don’t know what happens to the text!

On the left of the screen are categories. Here you will find listed projects, contexts and calendar. I really like the calendar. It shows tasks that are overdue, due today, tomorrow, in the next 7 days or on each of the days of the coming week. This is a really nice feature – a bit like a mini tickler file. It will also show all tasks you have marked as a next action.

Other features I like are that it can sync with iCal to-dos and you can colour code tasks depending on due date, priority, next action or inactive status. It also works with Quicksilver (not a application I use myself) and you can sync online with multiple computers.

What don’t I like? It’s not very exciting, especially if you compare it to Things and Midnight Inbox which are particularly pretty. I’d like to be able to add tasks by email or turn URLs into tasks. The demo only allows you to enter 15 tasks which frankly, I think a bit stingy. That really isn’t enough to properly evaluate it. You need a few days of using a GTD app to see if it is really going to suit you.

So am I going to cough up the $20? No. Much as EasyTask Manager has a lot of features I like (particularly the mini-tickler) it lacks some that I need. I’m still holding out for Things.

(Note: I tested EasyTask Manager 1.9.2)


2 Responses to “EasyTask Manager – a short review”

  1. Brad Says:

    I just tried the Windows version, and I was shocked that I couldn’t delete Projects or Contexts once they’re made. And on Windows it runs an Access database! A shame, because the Mac/Windows/Web/iPhone access really drew me to it (like Evernote).

  2. max Says:

    Have to agree. Not good enough and buggy. Also tried the windows and iphone app. Had great hope for it but it soon vanished. Some more flexibility and compliance to GTD it can be really good, but for now i search on.

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