iBank 3 – first impressions

picture-1.pngThe public beta of iBank 3 from IGG Software was released yesterday. I’ve been using iBank 2 for over a year and a half and have been eagerly awaiting the new version.

First impressions are good. It seems to run faster and is generally a little prettier. I think the reflections of images are overused though.

There are a lot of new features. The most important of these as far as I am concerned is the new reconciliation of statements. You are not only now shown all the transactions between the specified dates but also, in a separate box, all unreconciled transactions. If any of the unreconciled ones should actually be in the statement you’re working on, you can just drag them in. It still seems to be possible to alter already reconciled transactions though which is a pain. It’s too easy to accidentally change something without realising and then your balance is up the creek.

Another exciting feature for me is the ability to sync with my iPhone. I can now enter transactions when I’m out and about and they are synced via .Mac. Although, in practice I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use this. Time will tell.More minor features that I’m pleased with – smart portfolios, drag and drop to create scheduled transactions and an easy to access graph of balance over time. There is also an integrated internet browser that I’ve found surprisingly useful.

Charts have apparently had an overhaul but I haven’t had a chance to test this yet. It is also possible to directly download transactions from your bank. Unfortunately my British banks aren’t supported which is a shame because I would have loved to try this out. You can also download transactions via the browser manually if your bank isn’t listed.

It is only a beta at the moment and as such is a little buggy. Some of the icons seem to overlap a little sometimes and some of the dates are appearing in the wrong format. I’m sure these will all be ironed out soon. I’ve always found IGG to be very responsive.

The upgrade from version 2 will cost $30 which I think is worth it for the improvements to statements alone. A brand new purchase will be $60. (Anyone who bought iBank 2 after 14th January can upgrade for free.)



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