1Password and OpenID to speed up logins

I’ve just been reading an interesting post on The Weekly Review about OpenID. This is a service that allows you to use just one username and password to sign in to registered websites. (Nearly ten thousand sites are currently supported.)

I just don’t feel comfortable with this kind of service. Having someone else store my passwords, even if they say it is secure, makes me nervous. I would always be worried about someone gaining access to my data or phishing.

picture-1.pngHowever, a single login is very appealing as it is such a timesaver. I use 1Password and it is one of my favourite Mac apps. It stores all my passwords for me – but not on some distant server. All your data is retained in the Keychain app on your Mac. If you want, 1Password will generate strong passwords for you. You just need to remember your single 1Password password. Even easier, it can insert a button into the toolbar of most popular browsers so all you need to do is click it and it will log you in.

It can also store other information securely such as credit card details and serial numbers. The list of useful features goes on – 1Password also supports the iPhone.

I’m not doing it justice here – I suggest you try the free demo. And it only costs $30 to buy.


One Response to “1Password and OpenID to speed up logins”

  1. gerwitz Says:

    OpenID does not entrust anyone with your passwords, but it does delegate authentication to a central location. Ideally, that central location would be a place you trust even more than the services that delegate to it, such as a website you control.

    Someday, I hope, we’ll see OpenID become a protocol that close-to-you tools like 1Password use to make authentication transparent.

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