I’m struggling with ubiquitous capture

There’s a very useful post today on gtdfrk’s excellent Getting Things Done blog that lists 10 tips to optimise ubiquitous capture.

This is something I have been struggling with for some time. Initially, when I used to use OmniFocus, I used my iPhone to send myself emails. I’m rarely without my iPhone so it was certainly ubiquitous. But it took too long to just add a quick thought. After a few weeks I found I wasn’t bothering anymore. I would try and save thoughts up in my head to add to OmniFocus when I was back at my computer. Which clearly was not going to work.

Then I decided to join the cult and bought a Moleskine pocket notebook! The trouble is it’s too big to carry around all the time. It’s not a problem if I’m out or at work – I can take it in my bag. But if I’m around the house (or I’ve popped out without my bag) it won’t fit in a pocket. Fine for men who have bigger pockets but us women struggle! So now I just use my Moleskine to keep my shopping lists.

For the last few days I have been carrying a pad of Post Its around with me in my pocket. I always carry a pen with me if I’m out. At home there are pens everywhere so there’s no need to actually keep one on me. So far it’s working okay and I have more hope for this system than the previous two.

I especially liked gtdfrk’s 10th tip: Tell other people why you are writing things down if they give you funny looks. I’ve certainly had plenty of funny looks – most of my friends think I’m bonkers with my lists and GTD. Maybe I should tell them I’m writing a note because what they’re saying is so interesting I don’t want to forget it – and then see what they say!

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