Did I manage to give up the computer for a day?

Five days ago I wrote a post about my compulsion to use my computer (to the point of being an addiction). I decided to see if I could go for a day without it as this computer is starting to take over my life.

Did I manage it? Yes – I didn’t touch the computer at all yesterday. I also turned email off on my iPhone. And it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I was most worried how the morning would go. Usually I get up early and have my breakfast at the computer. I check my emails, RSS feeds, the weather forecast and the news. And of course, I check my blog stats. Yesterday I had decided that I would read while I had my tea and toast. I was rather looking forward to it actually. As it happened the children all got up early and I had breakfast with them instead.

We had already arranged to go out with the children in the morning so I wouldn’t have been at the computer anyway. The afternoon was lovely and sunny so I spent it reading in the conservatory in the sunshine. It was great – very relaxing. And I didn’t miss the computer at all, actually. Probably because I knew I was only abstaining for one day. Had it been longer I think it would have been much harder.

The most awkward aspect was that my to-do lists are all on the computer, in Things. This didn’t much matter in that I wasn’t planning on doing much – I was wanting a proper day off. But it did mean I couldn’t add anything to my lists. Instead I just wrote on Post It notes and added them this morning when I did my weekly review. I also wasn’t able to access my morning and evening routine checklists but since I’ve been doing those since November they’re pretty much ingrained now anyway.

I think it does me good to have a break from technology and I’ve decided to do this every week. From now on Saturday will be a computer free day. One day really is no hardship and it gives me more time to do other things that I’ve let slip. (I’m now going to try and convince the children that a day away from the Wii and Playstation would be a good idea but I think that’s going to prove much more difficult!)


2 Responses to “Did I manage to give up the computer for a day?”

  1. Kelly @ DEBT SMACK Says:

    Good for you! I’m going to do this as well–actually I want to take a week off and get life back together without the internet. It is so easy to waste time bouncing around from site to site. It’s actually making me forego other things like exercise, cleaning the house, hanging out with my kids. Glad you were able to restore balance!

  2. Rachel Murphy Says:

    Hi Kelly. Wow – a week! I’m really enjoying my Saturdays away from the computer. It’s become a family day. But as soon as I’m up on Sunday morning I’m just itching to get back on the internet!

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