My household cleaning routines: Part 1

Back in January I wrote a post about how I had implemented the FlyLady routines into my life. In November last year I discovered the FlyLady website and it provided the solution to the chaos my house was in at the time. The housework had completely gotten on top of me and I felt as though I had lost control. The kitchen was a mess, the bathrooms looked horrible, the laundry was either not done or sitting crumpled in a basket, waiting to be ironed. I needed a good two days’ notice before anyone could visit so I could get the house looking presentable! I was totally stressed.

The FlyLady has routines to follow to get your house tidied and to then maintain it that way. Initially I stuck rigidly to the suggested plans but over time I’ve modified them to suit me. I’ve also combined them with a bit of GTD. And it’s worked really well. The house doesn’t look perfect. It still gets untidy (how could it not with three children!) but it takes no time to get it looking nice again. It we have unannounced visitors it doesn’t matter because the house is always presentable. And I feel so much calmer – I don’t have that horrible underlying stress I used to feel. I now really enjoy my home.

I have daily morning, afternoon and before-bed routines. There are also weekly and monthly routines. It keep these all documented in Pages so I don’t forget them. The daily and weekly routines maintain the house in a clean, tidy, presentable state. The monthly (actually five weekly) routines are for deeper cleaning. For a whole week one area of the house is concentrated on, on a rolling five week rota.

Since it is Sunday I did my GTD weekly review earlier this morning. At this time I plan my bigger housework jobs for the upcoming week. This week I’m concentrating on the children’s bathroom, the downstairs toilet and the children’s bedrooms. I have entered what needs to be done into Things and set due dates. I only do these monthly housework tasks on weekdays. I don’t do any housework (other than my quick daily routines) at the weekend.

Each day over the next week I will explain what my specific cleaning routines are for the day.



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