My household cleaning routines: Part 6 – Friday

The usual morning routine:

  1. Read emails, check blog stats and read RSS feeds while it’s quiet before anyone else is up
  2. Unload the dishwasher (and reload with the breakfast stuff)
  3. Quickly wipe the toilets and sinks (and I also put bleach down the toilets on a Friday)
  4. Put a load in the washing machine
  5. Wipe the kitchen worktop and table
  6. Check the calendar and my to-dos in Things for the day
  7. Check my list of meals for the week (to see if I need to take anything out the freezer or buy something later

I don’t work on a Friday so it’s my big housework day. I do this in the morning and I do it as quickly as I can. (The FlyLady does all this on a Monday but I prefer a Friday so the house is all clean for the weekend and I can relax knowing there is nothing needing done. She also says it should take about an hour but I find it takes me close to double that. It obviously depends on the size of your house…and whether you have a dog who is moulting more than you would think is caninely possible!)

  1. Hoover everywhere apart from the rooms done yesterday. This is a “maintenance” job so I don’t move furniture. (I only hoover under furniture when part of deep-clean jobs.)
  2. Wash the kitchen floor
  3. Dust
  4. Clean the glass on the internal doors and all the mirrors (using my trusty e-cloth so it takes no time at all)

The afternoon routine on a Friday is pretty quick. There’s rarely any decluttering or tidying left to do in the “deep-clean area”. And I try to make sure I have done all the deep-clean jobs earlier in the week.

  1. Hang out the washing on the line or put it in the tumble dryer, depending on the weather
  2. 15 minutes decluttering/tidying in “deep clean area” for the week (if necessary)
  3. Get the dried washing and do 15 minutes ironing
  4. Process my in-basket (GTD style)
  5. Make dinner

The bedtime routine is the same:

  1. Put the dishwasher on
  2. Wipe down the kitchen worktops/hob
  3. Check what’s for dinner tomorrow in case I need to take something out the freezer to defrost overnight in the fridge
  4. Check the calendar for tomorrow
  5. Decide what to wear tomorrow
  6. Clear the “hotspots”



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