My household cleaning routines: Part 7 – summary

Here’s a summary of all my cleaning routines (adapted from the FlyLady).

Morning Routine

  1. Get up at 6.15 (6.45 at the weekend)
  2. Read emails, check blog stats and read RSS feeds while it is quiet before anyone else is up
  3. Unload the dishwasher (and reload with the breakfast stuff)
  4. Quickly wipe the toilets and sinks
  5. Put a load in the washing machine
  6. Wipe the kitchen worktop and table
  7. Check the calendar and my to-dos in Things for the day
  8. Check my list of meals for the week (to see if I need to take anything out the freezer or buy something later)

On a Friday morning I also bleach the toilets. On a Sunday morning I do my GTD weekly review.

Afternoon Routine

  1. Hang out the washing on the line or put it in the tumble dryer, depending on the weather
  2. 15 minutes decluttering/tidying in the “deep clean area” of the week
  3. Monthly deep-cleaning jobs (Monday to Thursday only)
  4. Get the dried washing and do 15 minutes ironing
  5. Process my in-basket (GTD style)
  6. Make dinner

In addition, I wipe the fridge and do my meal plans and shopping list on a Monday. I do the weekly shop on a Tuesday afternoon.

Friday is also my big housework day:

    1. Hoover (without moving furniture)
    2. Wash the kitchen floor
    3. Dust
    4. Clean the glass on the internal doors and all the mirrors

    Before Bed Routine

    1. Put the dishwasher on
    2. Wipe down the kitchen worktops/hob
    3. Check what’s for dinner tomorrow in case I need to take something out the freezer to defrost overnight in the fridge
    4. Check the calendar for tomorrow
    5. Decide what to wear tomorrow
    6. Clear the “hotspots”

    Monthly Routines

    These are my deep cleaning jobs – I spend a week on each area.

    Children’s bedrooms, bathroom and downstairs toilet:

    • Sort out the children’s clothes
    • Clean the windows and mirrors
    • Dust
    • Hoover (thoroughly, including under the beds, the skirting boards and the extractor fans)
    • Wash the bathroom and toilet floors
    • Thoroughly clean the sinks and bath

    Main bedroom and en-suite bathroom:

      • Clean the window and mirrors
      • Dust
      • Hoover (thoroughly, including under the bed, the skirting boards and the extractor fan)
      • Wash the bathroom floor
      • Thoroughly clean the sink and shower

        The sitting room and family room:

        • Clean the windows
        • Dust
        • Hoover (thoroughly, including under the furniture and the skirting boards)
        • Wash the family room floor
        • Hoover the sofas

              The porch, hall, dining room and conservatory:

              • Clean the windows and doors
              • Dust
              • Hoover (thoroughly, including under the furniture and the skirting boards)
              • Wash the floors

                  The kitchen and utility room:

                  • Clean the window and door
                  • Empty the fridge and clean it thoroughly
                  • Clean the microwave
                  • Clean the oven
                  • Clean the hob
                  • Clean the cooker hood
                  • Clean the cupboard doors
                  • Thoroughly clean the worktops
                  • Clean the cupboard under the sink
                  • Hoover
                  • Wash the floors

                      These lists may look overwhelming but it really isn’t too bad. The morning and before-bed routines are a doddle and hardly take any effort. The afternoon routines are fine so long as I spread the deep cleaning jobs out. And I save up some good podcasts to listen to as I’m doing the housework to make it more enjoyable.

                      I’ve been cleaning my house using these lists for almost four months. My house doesn’t look perfect but in general it’s clean and tidy and I’m no longer embarrassed by it. I’m also a lot less stressed and that has been a huge bonus.



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