Why podcasts increase my productivity

A lot of the tasks on my to-do lists are tedious and repetitive. Housework for example. But I actually look forward to doing a lot of these boring jobs. Why? I listen to podcasts while I work. There a thousands of podcasts available on iTunes and they seem to be on just about any subject you could think of. And most of them are free – big bonus. I get through quite a lot, as I listen to them when I’m walking the dog, gardening and doing housework and ironing. It makes the time pass more quickly and I often look forward to doing something that might be tedious, like ironing, if I’ve downloaded something interesting to listen to.

Some of the podcasts I listen to are short snippets, such as the Today programme from BBC Radio 4. Each one is maybe only 5 minutes. What has been really annoying me is that when I’m listening to them on my iPhone they won’t play continuously. When each podcast ends it I have to manually select the next one. This is particularly annoying when I’m out walking the dog as every five minutes I have to stop, take off my gloves so I can use the touch screen, and switch to the next podcast. But no more – yesterday I discovered how to play continuous podcasts on an iPhone. Use the On-The-Go playlist. For some reason podcasts added to the On-The-Go playlist will play continuously but they won’t from the podcast menu. I’m sure the dog enjoyed his walk much more this morning without me stopping every few minutes. Mind you, he still kept stopping, to sniff everything in sight…

Here’s a selection of what I’m listening to at the moment from BBC Radio 4:

And these are my favourite Mac podcasts:

Does anyone have any other good podcasts they’d recommend?




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