Some useful Mac keyboard shortcuts

Generally I prefer using the keyboard to a mouse. I can touch type at a reasonable speed and every time I have to take my hands off the keyboard I feel I’m slowed down. (Less use of the mouse means the batteries last longer too!) So I tend to try and use keyboard shortcuts when I can remember them. But this is the problem with shortcuts – you have to remember them. If you’re sitting there trying to recall which keys you need you would probably have been quicker using the mouse. It’s best to have a small range of shortcuts that you regularly use as they should then be easier to remember.

These are my favourite Mac command-key (⌘) shortcuts that I use on a regular basis:

  • Save: ⌘-S
  • Select all: ⌘-A
  • Copy: ⌘-C
  • Paste: ⌘-V
  • New item: ⌘-N
  • Refresh: ⌘-R
  • Quit application: ⌘-Q
  • Close window (without quitting): ⌘-W
  • New tab in Safari: ⌘-T
  • Go to the tab to the right: ⇧-⌘-right arrow
  • Go to the tab to the left: ⇧-⌘-left arrow
  • Back: ⌘-[
  • Forward: ⌘-]
  • Increase the font size (try it in Safari!): ⌘-plus sign
  • Decrease the font size: ⌘-minus sign
  • First bookmark in the bookmark bar: ⌘-1
  • Second bookmark (and so on): ⌘-2

I believe a lot of these work in Windows if you use alt in place of the command key.

Other miscellaneous shortcuts that I use:

  • Go to the top of a page: Home
  • Go to the bottom of a page: End
  • Screenshot: ⇧-⌘-3
  • Screenshot of a selection: ⇧-⌘-4 (you then have a cross-hair which you drag and then click with the mouse – not strictly a keyboard shortcut as you need the mouse but handy none-the-less)
  • Show Spaces: F8
  • Exposé: F9
  • Show the desktop: F11
  • Dashboard widgets: F12
  • Fill in a password with 1Password: ⌘-\

Hopefully you’ll find some of these useful and they may end up saving you a little time.



One Response to “Some useful Mac keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Faith Hunter Says:

    This was very helpful. Thanks!

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