Four weeks with Wii Fit

Four weeks ago I started using Wii Fit. It’s fun to play with but I also wanted to see if it could actually be a useful exercise aid. I had two goals – lose 4lb and decrease my back pain.

Well, I didn’t lose any weight at all. Not through any fault of Wii Fit I should add. I wasn’t able to do other exercise that I had planned on – and too many ice lollies. (This has been one of the driest, sunniest Mays I can remember and the ice lollies have been a necessity!) My back pain is considerably better though – both the severity and frequency have decreased.

I have used Wii Fit every morning (bar one when I overslept). I had initially hoped to do a combination of yoga, aerobic and muscle exercises every day. I quickly realised this was going to be too much though. It would take over an hour to everything I wanted and 30 minutes is the maximum time I have available on a weekday. I felt the yoga was the most important as far a my back was concerned so that is what I have mainly concentrated on. I’ve also been keen to do some abdominal exercises in a vain attempt to get a flatter tummy. (But after 3 children who am I kidding!) I manage to fit all the back stretching yoga poses and 20 jack-knives into half an hour. At weekends, since I have more time, I have also been able to do extra yoga and aerobic exercises.

Over the weeks I have of course gotten better at doing a lot of the exercises. Most of them have harder levels that are unlocked only once you reach a certain attainment. This means there is still always a challenge and for most people Wii Fit will continue to be of use for a long time after they first start working with it.

I have found myself getting a little bored with the same exercises every day. Especially knowing there are many others available but I just don’t have the time to do them all. From today I’ve changed the routine a little. Three days a week I will do muscle or aerobic exercise instead of yoga. I think it’s important to have a bit more variability to keep up interest.

For me, Wii Fit is certainly a good adjunct to an exercise plan. And it’s fun just to play with too. Although funnily enough, my children have completely lost interest. As soon as the good weather arrived they forgot about it and went outside to play instead. Quite right too!


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