It’s time to re-evaluate MobileMe

Firstly I must apologise for the paucity of posts. I have been somewhat lacking in inspiration recently. I have now however found a topic I would like to write about. MobileMe.

I became a .Mac subscriber last year shortly after the release of iLife ’08. I was really impressed by the integration of iPhoto and iMovie with the Web Gallery. It looked like an easy (and attractive) way to keep friends and family up to date with photos and movies of the children. The syncing of Safari bookmarks between our two Macs looked useful. The IMAP email was also a draw. At the time I was using Yahoo POP email and was perfectly happy with it. However, I was planning on buying an iPhone 3 months later on the UK release and IMAP email was preferable to keep both my Mac and iPhone in sync. I felt the £65 cost was rather steep but decided I would give it a go.

There have been a few changes to the service over the last 15 months. .Mac has become MobileMe. I can sync my iPhone’s bookmarks, calendar and contacts automatically over the air. Email is instantly updated. There have been other changes too (such as increased iDisk storage space) but these have been of little value to me.

In 3 weeks my subscription is due for renewal and it is time to re-evaluate MobileMe. The fee has gone down to £59 but am I making enough use of the service to justify the cost? Flickr, YouTube, Dropbox and Gmail could replace a number of MobileMe features for me without spending a penny. I thought it would be helpful for myself (and hopefully others) to document my investigations into possible MobileMe alternatives. Next post: Gmail…

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