The Never Ending Search for Calm

I used to be super organised. Then, what with 3 children, a husband, a dog and a part-time job, things fell apart somewhat. So now I’m trying to regain control. This is my personal blog recounting my efforts.

I work part-time as a GP in Shetland (the northernmost island in the UK). I love my garden and I’m just starting to get interested in photography. I’m a bit of a Mac fan and seem to have developed a most unfortunate computer/internet/Twitter addiction.


6 Responses to “The Never Ending Search for Calm”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great blog, love it!

    Could u please compare Moneywell and Squirrel to Ibank and Moneydance? Will appreciate it immensely!


  2. Rachel Murphy Says:

    Glad you like the blog. My reviews are all based on my own personal usage of applications. I’m currently very happy with Moneydance and therefore won’t be trying out Moneywell or Squirrel in the near future.

  3. James Says:


    Love the blog. I am a cardiologist in Cambridge….seems medics like Macs and GTD!

    Have you tried remember the milk as a GTD alternative to Things? It integrates nicely with iphone, igoogle, gmail plus many others. You might want to give it a whirl.



  4. Rachel Murphy Says:

    @James: I did try Remember the Milk for a while a few months back. It had some features I really liked (such as the way dates could be entered) but ultimately it was too complex for my needs.

    I’m coming across more and more doctors that like Macs. I wish the NHS would pick up on this – using Windows at work is becoming an ever increasing struggle!

  5. Rene Says:

    Great website, liked the articles on GTD and your app reviews. Your recommendation was one of the main drivers for getting Things. Not much posts lately though, getting busy with other stuff I guess. A post I would really enjoy would be a practical one on how you have implemented your Flylady routines into things.

  6. Rachel Murphy Says:

    @Rene: Glad you like the blog. I’ve been thinking recently I ought to resurrect it. I ran out of things to write about but I’ve had a few ideas recently. Hopefully I’ll have some time over the next month.

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