Which email for my iPhone?

What’s the best type of email for using with an iPhone? For me it has to be IMAP so I can sync it with my Mac easily. My usual email set up is a POP3 Yahoo account (with BT Internet) that forwards mail to my IMAP .Mac account.

Things had been working well until last week when I noticed some emails weren’t coming through. I had registered with a couple of websites and never received the promised welcome emails. I suspect they were (incorrectly) categorised as spam. I fiddled around with some settings, turned off the spam filters and stopped Yahoo forwarding to .Mac and had the emails resent. Everything worked fine if they were sent to either Yahoo or .Mac but not when forwarded. I don’t know whether the fault lies with BT or Apple. But either way, I have lost confidence in my email setup. So I considered alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »