Vimeo or YouTube to replace the MobileMe gallery?

Less than a week left in my quest to find alternatives to MobileMe that cost less than Apple’s £59 annual fee. I have quite a few home movies on my web gallery and will need a new home for them. The obvious choice is YouTube. It’s free, you can upload directly from iMovie ’08 and virtually everyone’s aware of it (maybe even my computer-phobic in-laws!).

I love YouTube. You can find just about anything there. My husband and I watched Obama and McCain’s speeches on it on our Apple TV last night. I’ve watched videos on swimming technique. My husband watches rugby highlights and archery technique videos. The children like that baby that laughs and OK Go on the treadmills.

But I also have a concern regarding YouTube – the less than savoury content that appears. I always feel I have to be very careful if I’m looking for something while the children are in the room. Too often the comments people have added or the recommended videos aren’t suitable for little eyes.

So I thought I’d take a look at Vimeo. I have watched a number of videos on it over the last few months and I’ve been impressed with the simplicity of the interface. YouTube is a mess in comparison. You can also upload HD video. Not that I have an HD camcorder, but I might one day. Vimeo also has a friendlier feel than YouTube – the comments are more sensible. There’s more of a community feel.

I spent most of this morning uploading the same home movies to YouTube and Vimeo to see how they compared. It’s easier to get movies into YouTube as it can be done from within iMovie. Not that Vimeo was difficult. I already have all my videos shared with iTunes so looked for the medium size version in Movies>iMovie Sharing>iTunes via the Vimeo uploader. There’s a huge difference between the two when it comes to watching videos. The quality on YouTube is awful, even when viewed at higher quality. The quality on Vimeo is much the same as on iTunes and MobileMe.

So this has been a quick and easy decision. It’s Vimeo for me. I can upload up to 500MB a month for free. (There’s a pro account for $60 a year should I need more but I doubt I will – unless I go HD in the future.) It’s easy to use and looks good. An excellent replacement for MobileMe.

If you fancy a look at the movies I’ve uploaded so far, they’re here.